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Hygiene Explosion 2.0 Training & Certification Course

I know, you’re probably asking yourself: Really…can my hygienist earn that much in one day? But hygiene is a ‘lost leader’, right? It sounds impossible!

And the reason it sounds impossible is because of the way you’re running your hygiene department.

All it takes is the right training, along with some easy scripting tweaks on how your hygienists talk to the patients and PRESTO…your hygiene profits will skyrocket!

Now I’m not saying every hygienist will earn $3000 every day. But you’ll find that ANY hygienist can start having $3000 days on a regular basis. And in just the past 2 weeks, I’ve received messages from 4 hygienists who topped the $3000 single day production mark!

In this Course your hygienists will learn:

  • The 4 biggest changes in dental technology that help in producing more profits!
  • The 3 cash-generating areas of a highly profitable hygiene department!
  • An easy to implement technique that alone can rake in an average yearly profit of about $30,700 based on a simple 8 patients/day and an average 80% acceptance rate!
  • The exact surefire words your hygienists can use to have patients saying Yes, Yes, Yes to any procedure …that includes high end restorative in your chair!
  • How adding 4 of these procedures a day (and this is a low estimate…82 in one day is the record from one of my trained hygienist!) can generate an extra $34,500 per year in hygiene!
  • The condition that 80% of patients suffer from and the ingenious way to get them to happily accept and pay for this treatment without whining or crying!
  • Why you might be missing this vital increase in insurance coverage that can add approximately $70,000 to your yearly earnings!
  • And much more

How Will It Work?

The Hygiene Explosion 2.0 Training and Certification Course is an Advanced Master Class that was created to be dripped out one lesson per week for 8 weeks. The course comes with access for up to 2 Hygienists + yourself (additional access can be purchased).

Once the course is complete and the quiz has been successfully passed each Hygienists will receive 8 CE credits in addition to their certification.

What Happens After The 8 Weeks?

Don’t worry, you won’t be left alone! With your enrollment in the Hygiene 2.0 Training and Certification Course you will also receive a 2-month free trial of our Brilliance Circle Level membership, which will open up additional resources on this site and as well as provide access to our monthly LIVE calls where you or your team can jump on and ask any questions.

You receive membership in the Team Training Institute for 60 days for FREE as part of your Hygiene Explosion 2.O. You can maintain all these benefits after your 8 week course is over for a low monthly fee of only $199. Your small monthly investment will continue to pay dividends back to your practice.

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